Why Should I Create My Own Website?

With the availability of free web hosting services, blogs, and social networking pages, you may wish to use those rather than creating your own website. But this is unwise. There are advantages of creating your own website, and then using blogs and social networking sites to promote it.
Brand your website.

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This lets you associate your name with your website. In choosing your URL (web site address or domain name), website title, and logo you can make your audience think of you from the beginning. Bulldog.com would make you think of a bull dog before dognetwork.com/bulldog would. If you choose your URL and website title carefully, you can put your name right in front of people and have an advantage over social networking sites right away.

Customize your website.

You don’t need to be a designer in order to customize your own website in this time of increasingly available templates and technologies. Most website hosting companies offer templates, and all you have to do is drag-and-drop your text, images, and other content into the space provided. You’re left with a completely customized website. Again, it’s about attracting visitors and being as unique as possible. Why use someone else’s template exactly as provided, when you can make the site more reflective of yourself, your hobby, or your business?

Control your own content.

You decide what is displayed on your website. Don’t want those unrelated ads? Take them off completely, or replace them with related ads that will make you money. The same applies to all text, images, and other elements on your website. You can control each element when you host your own website, rather than only some of them.

Keep all rights.

Similarly, when you host your own website, you have the option of keeping all rights to your content. This only applies when you either create the content yourself or hire someone to create it for you, with you as copyright holder. But in either case, no one else owns the content. No one can edit it, move elements around, or destroy it in any way. And no one may use it without your expressed written permission to do so.

Modify your website any time, anywhere.

When your content must be approved by another service, you can’t always modify it whenever you like. But with your own website, you receive 24/7 access to your content and can modify it any way you wish. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3:00 A.m. and you can’t sleep, or you’re on a train or at a coffee shop. If there’s something about your website you want to change, you’re more than welcome to do so. Best of all, your changes will take effect and your audience will be able to see them immediately.

Increase available space and bandwidth.

If you blog or use social networking services, you only receive a certain amount of web space. The same applies to free web hosting. However, you can have almost unlimited space and bandwidth when you host your own website. Web hosting packages contain a certain amount of space and also provide room for expansion. You may not think you need more space than a social networking page or blog provides. But your website may expand in the future, and you need to be ready to handle this. You wouldn’t want people to be unable to access your website because you ran out of bandwidth.

Hosting your own website is easier than you may think. With its many advantages and the free trials most hosting companies offer, you can’t afford not to host your own website.

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