What is Smart DNS proxy server?

Smart DNS is a technology used by internet users worldwide to unblock restricted sites or sites containing restricted contents such as Netflix, BBC, Hulu and many others. It can be installed and set up across a network of devices like laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, smart TVs. Once you’ve changed the DNS of your device using smart DNS, you can immediately access any blocked or restricted content. It’s compatible with most mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS, Widows Phone and BlackBerry.

How does DNS Proxy Work? smart-dns2

The system works by changing the DNS of your device whenever you’re trying to access a regionally blocked content. It then re-route your data via a dedicated proxy server located in the home country or region of the website you’re trying to access. This simply means that when trying to access blocked sites or contents from your home country, you’ll be appearing to be located within the region where accessing the content has been permitted.

Smart DNS is made specifically for unblocking regional websites like Pandora and Hulu. It doesn’t hide your IP address but provides much faster speeds, especially when streaming online audio or video content using an internet enabled device like a PC or smartphone. It’s actually the perfect and the fastest way of unblocking geographical blocked online sites.

What are the benefits of Smart DNS proxy?

The main advantages of using this service to unblock websites include;

overplay-smartdns-collectionü It’s very easy to install, set up and use- The service has been purposely designed to allow easy installation. It enables you to unblock geographically blocked sites from multiple internet- enabled devices including PC, Smartphones, Gaming Consoles and others.

ü Constant fast speed- Smart DNS proxy works by re-routing only specific information related to your region. This is unlike Virtual Private Network which works by re-routing all your internet data to enable access to just one site.

ü You don’t need to install any third party application on your device to use the Smart DNS proxy.

However, you can’t use Smart DNS for traffic or data encryption, which technically translates to a faster network connection.

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