Visiting the Recoleta Area of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is a favorite travel destination and the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires is definitely the hot spot of the country. After visiting the popular travel destination and exploring a bit, it made sense to break down the various areas to really get to know the city of Buenos Aires and this began with the neighborhood of Recoleta.
The Recotela area of Buenos Aires is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area and one of the most popular in the city. Known for the famous Recoleta Cemetery in which Evita Peron and other famous residents are buried, rentals in this area are affordable, safe, and very nicely appointed.

Unless you are from a big city it takes a minute to overcome the high-rise experience of the apartment buildings in Buenos Aires. But once inside like many large apartment buildings in other big cities there is 24-hour security, which helps with the adjustment of being in a new place.

Recoleta is an area that is near just about everything. The rental apartment, which was fully furnished and equipped, was located at Pueyyrredon and Santa Fe with a monthly rental fee of a little over $800. This location was ideal and was near everything including bus stops, subways, restaurants, shopping, cinema theaters, banks, nightclubs, bars and much more. What is really great about this area is it is family friendly and you can walk, bicycle or do whatever you enjoy doing comfortably.

Most visitors to Recoleta of course want to see the famous Cemetario de Recoleta and it is definitely what you might expect. The monuments are massive and the cemetery is frequented by visitors and locals as one would a park. If you are big on historical and cultural sites you will definitely want to visit the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar, the National Museum of Fine Art, the Museo Nationale de Arte Decorativo and the Floralis Generica. A favorite spot to visit while in the Recoleta area of Buenos Aires is the Feria Artesanal de la Recoleta which is an awesome crafts market where artisans sell everything from clothing to jewelry and much more.

The night scene in the Recoleta area of Buenos Aires, lugares turisticos de catamarca wikipedia offers late night dining, dancing, and people watching. Two of the most popular nightclubs in Recoleta include Glam and Shamrock. For fine dining you will enjoy the local and international cuisine served at the many restaurants of Recoleta. A few favorites include Finistera, Million and Republica all of which offers impeccable dining and service. Recoleta is just one of the popular areas of Buenos Aires, Argentina but is also one in which tourists feel most immersed in the culture. Consider renting in various areas to really get a feel of the city during your stay.

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